Refund Policy


Should you choose to cancel before any service has been provisioned, and before any nonrefundable costs have been incurred by us, we will at our discretion choose to offer a refund or service credits to you.

If you choose to cancel partway through a minimum-term contract agreement which we were not in breach of (after any applicable cooling off period has elapsed), you will still be liable for any fees governed by that contract for the remainder of the term of the agreement.

If you choose to cancel a non-contracted but prepaid service (eg: annual webhosting payment) you will be offered a service credit or at our discretion a refund equal to the unused portion of the service excluding discounts you got for pre-payment (refund will be calculated as if you had to pay on a minimum term basis).

We reserve the right to levy a EUR 30 (including VAT) administration fee against cancellations, and any refunds or service credits will be net of that fee.


eServer operates a refund policy on a qualification basis.

Each case is examined on an individual basis in order to examine if a refund is suitable. In certain cases, products are nonrefundable (see below). In other cases, a service credit may be issued which can be used against future invoices.

In cases where there is fault on our part (service not as advertised, extended service failure through events which are under our control, error by staff) a service may be cancelled and a refund may be requested for the unused portion of the service, as well as any period where the service has been unavailable. If a service has been found to be unavailable or operating otherwise out of specification for the entire duration, a full refund will likely be offered.

Cases in which we will only consider offering a service credit include (but are not limited to) customer error in purchasing the wrong service type or service failures due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please Note
Nonrefundable items
  • Coding or Design work delivered to agreed specification
  • Domain names (Refunds are not possible under any circumstances – we will however permit you to take your domain elsewhere when possible)
  • Setup Fees (all setup fees are non-refundable, unless service was not provided at all due to circumstances that eServer could not predict)
  • Current period Fees (we mostly use monthly billing periods but in some cases we can have special binding contract terms, so we don't refund current service usage period fee. If client got special discounts from us for pre-payment we will count refund amount as if there was no discounts applied for period service has been already provided and will refund funds only for unused period after discount re-calculation. If client has a long-term binding contract we will proceed each cancellation and refund request individually at our discretion if there is a possibility)
  • Deposits paid (Unless as a security against non-payment and the applicable contract has been correctly terminated and all outstanding debts settled – all other deposits are generally specifically held as a security against cancellation)
  • Any fees governed by a contract with a minimum term where we are not in breach of the contract

In the case of delivered physical products, refunds can only be offered if the unit was not custom-built and also only if the product packaging is intact. Your statutory rights are not affected.


Given that the vast majority of our product sales do not involve a tangible element to customers, replacements do not usually occur in the traditional sense.

We may, at our discretion, replace or repair rented equipment and or parts of equipment if they are found to be operating outside of normal tolerances, provided that they have not been damaged by the direct or indirect action of the affected customer.


You may exercise these rights by contacting the eServer customer Support Department through the ‘Contact’ page on the eServer website.


This policy may change from time to time. Your continued use of our services after we make changes is deemed to be acceptance of those changes. eServer advises you to periodically review this page to see if any changes have been implemented.

If you have any questions or suggestions about eServer’s policies, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or submit a support ticket.

This document was last updated October 23, 2019.

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